Paul W. Kite, CEO

As founder of StrongBox Commercial, Paul W. Kite is responsible for the entire portfolio including retail, office, industrial and resort projects.

Prior to StrongBox Commercial, Paul served as President of Kite Development Corporation from 1987 until 2004. During that time, Paul was instrumental in diversifying and growing the company’s real estate portfolio to approximately 4,000,000 square feet. Paul headed the development process for Kite’s entire retail portfolio in addition to overseeing its office, industrial and resort projects. In addition to Kite’s own portfolio, Paul was responsible for investing funds from several private and institutional entities in projects throughout the United States. These funds have acquired, developed and disposed of 10,000,000 square feet of commercial and resort property. Paul spearheaded Kite Development’s site selection and new development opportunities throughout the United States.

In 1999 Paul became Vice Chairman of the Board of the Kite Companies. As such, he worked closely with the Chairman, reviewing overall corporate performance and strategic initiatives of the companies. In August 2004, the Kite Companies consolidated into Kite Realty Group Trust and held an Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange. In September of 2004 Paul started Strongbox Commercial. Paul invited Jon, Martin and George to join him as partners in his new company.

Paul is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and holds a Bachelor or Science degree in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University. Upon graduation, Paul was employed by Evans, Birmingham, Williamson Inc., a Dallas, Texas based real estate developer founded by former Henry S. Miller partners. Paul was initially in charge of construction and was quickly promoted to Vice President of Development. Paul is a current member of the International Council of Shopping Centers and is a licensed real estate broker. Further, Paul is a board member of The Heartland Film Festival and the Indiana Nature Conservancy.